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Milano Re-Mapped Summer Festival 

Milano Re-Mapped Summer Festival is a multidisciplinary festival devoted to performing arts, music, video, poetry, and other art forms, held in the outdoor spaces and in some of the indoor spaces of the institution.

For this second edition, the program is curated by ZONA K, spazioSERRA, and Fritto FM, three curatorial and production groups working in Milan, selected and invited by Pirelli HangarBicocca for their ability to combine meticulous research with a constant interaction with spaces and places that are not typically devoted to culture and art. With their activities, ZONA K, spazioSERRA and Fritto FM have generated new forms of cultural production and consumption within the city, contributing to the creation of interdisciplinary scenarios that overcome urban geographies and reshape the relationship between the centre and the periphery.

The 2023 edition is supported by Regione Lombardia with the project Together and by Fondazione Cariplo.
The festival is part of the Milano Re-Mapped project, supported by Fondazione Cariplo and conceived by Pirelli Hangarbicocca in collaboration with Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca; the project also includes a survey on the independent art system in Milan.


The program unfolds over two evenings with an intense schedule featuring Italian and international artists. The two dates alternate moments of performance and dance with live concerts, readings, video projections, video installations and DJ sets.

Media partner: Zero


spazioSERRA reflects on the concept of the body politic – the representation and interpretation of political power and social mechanisms by means of the human body. Through various forms of physical expression, the body becomes a vehicle for investigating authoritarian trends as well as developments in the community that permeate the contemporary world. Body language is thus a communication tool that, through its existence in space, transcends words and questions the community.

Mulieris Magazine

7 PM The degrees between us

Founder & editor: Greta Futura
Co-founder & creative director: Sara Lorusso
Art director & graphic designer: Chiara Cognigni
Contributor: Roberta Zedda

Mulieris presents “The degrees between us,” its fifth issue focusing on human interactions and community. Starting from the theory of 6 degrees of separation, the artists in this issue analyse love, crews, social groups, families, and any kind of human connection in 240 pages featuring over 70 creatives from more than 10 countries.

Mulieris Magazine is an independent magazine based in Italy, a platform, a safe place, a community, a source for art and events created by women but that aims to speak to everyone regardless of their gender or sex. It aims to create an open dialogue on gender equality through art made by women.

Sara Leghissa

7.35 PM and 9.50 PM MUSCLES

Graphic design: Marzia Dalfini

Sara Leghissa rearranges an extract from Kathy Acker’s essay Against Ordinary Language: The Language of the Body. While some words flow, others detach from the text, trying to suspend and stretch time. In this repetitive action the performing body encounters the text, in resonance with variable meanings and positionings.

Sara Leghissa (b. 1984, Milan) focuses her practice on public space, in line with a principle of ecology of resources which mostly relies on what is already available. She creates systems and devices that try to blend in and become as one with the setting, in order to convey images and content. The aim is to address and reach out to different audiences by using accessible, everyday technologies. She co-founded the art project Strasse and has shown her works in many festivals of performing arts, art galleries, and public spaces. For the Italian scene she co-organises Nobodys Indiscipline, NESSUNO, and Una Sauna, which are spaces for gathering, partying, community building and exchanging interdisciplinary practices.

Selin Davasse

8.15 PM She-Pigeon

She-Pigeon is a musically-accompanied monologue in the voice of a feminine pigeon, originally domesticated by humans but now associated with dirt, disease, and the invasion of public space. Contemplating the politics of disgust, exclusion and pollutability, Selin Davasse confronts the human audience with the dignity and complexity of Milan’s most underappreciated city-dweller.

Selin Davasse (b. 1992, Ankara) lives and works in Berlin. In her research-based performance practice she repurposes disparate literary and performative techniques to envision and enact the ethics of alternative presents. Her work condenses systems of thought into intimate feminine expressions and presents them in song or speech, often with playful and participatory layers that form hospitable relations with the audience. Recent performance contexts include Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara; Radicants, Paris; Hacer Noche, Oaxaca; Kunsthalle Bratislava; Centrale Fies, Dro; BJCEM, Procida; Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana; Wiener Festwochen, Vienna; MEDITERRANEA19 Young Artists Biennale, San Marino; Volksbühne, Berlin; KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

GianMarco Porru

9.00 PM Medea

Text: Il Colorificio
Performer: Mariasilvia Greco, Chiara Serafini
Sound design: D_mode
Made with the support of: Museo MA*GA (VA), Il Colorificio, Regione Lombardia, Anci Lombardia, R-Evolution project

Medea builds on reinterpretations of the Euripidean myth by the Calabrian poet, writer and playwright Corrado Alvaro and the German writer Christa Wolf. Medea is a cunning but, above all, foreign witch. Considerations concerning her foreign identity come together in the main element of the performance: a huge flag waved by Mariasilvia Greco, outlining its forms in a choreography of gestures. The flag, an exclusive symbol of identity and a manifestation of geographical and national belonging, becomes a documentary testimony — a canvas and scroll on which Medea’s emotional geographies are inscribed. These range from the royal palace of Colchis to the firmament of stars and the lunar phases, symbolizing the journey completed, to the Palace of Corinth enveloped in flames, in a metaphor for the destruction of power.

GianMarco Porru (b. 1989, Oristano) is a visual artist based in Milan. He works with various media, including performance, video, and photography, and his artistic research is linked to cultural narratives, which he creates and conveys orally. His work with visual, sound, and textual materials brings both known and unpublished mythological tales into the contemporary world. His work has been shown in various foundations, museums, and festivals, including Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Guarene; Piccolo Teatro – Teatro D’ Europa, Milan; MAO, Turin; PhotoVogue, Milan; MilanoOltre, Milan; Museo MA*GA, Gallarate; Museo Nivola, Orani; PAV, Turin; Museo del 900, Milan; Museo MAN, Nuoro; Teatro San Martin, Buenos Aires.

La Trape

9.50 PM Senza voce

Performer: Medusa, Jupiter, Emma Doppel, T'AI
Dress/Set design: Trysha

Senza voce — literally “voiceless” — explores the non-traditional methods of communication used by the queer, drag, and trans community — a community that has no voice. La Trape uses lip sync as a way of reappropriating the meaning and language of those who have the privilege by those who do not. As the performance unfolds, it brings to light other performers who, through two categories of the ballroom scene, hands performance and sex siren, use their hands and their bodies to tell stories, claim a space, express a need for a community that is voiceless.

La Trape (b. 1993, Ferrara) works on performance research that draws on a mutant, mutable queer body that lives in a limbo of uncertainties, in the face of a society that imposes rigid categories. In 2014 she began performing in drag, merging her artistic work into the world of clubs, in Italy and in international festivals such as the Bushwig in Berlin and New York. In 2021 she worked with the artist Daniele Costa on Trapezia, a video artwork, which won the Fondazione Lazzaretto’s Lydia! award. The work was shown at PAC, Milan, and for the occasion La Trape put on two new performances. In 2022 she took part in the Lago Film Fest with a new performance set inside the lake, at night.

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