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2024 Season Launch

Saturday 20/01/2024 starting 18:30
Lancetti railway station, Milan


Nicola Rossini (Brescia, Italy, 1992) studied sculpture first in Florence and later in Milan, at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. His research originates from contemporary processes through which we analyze, translate, and break down the world. Starting with the election of mathematics as the main tool for this, he reflects on how we subsequently recompose and reconstruct our reality and ourselves, focusing on two main themes: the body and technology. Through an installative approach that spans different materials and techniques, he narrates the relationship and tensions that traverse these two factors.

yyou is a sound artist who creates samples and field recordings to investigate the relationship between the natural and the artificial. Sound collages, dark ambient, drones, dissonant music. yyou also appears in other projects and/or collectives.

Fightingdiscotinha is a collective engaged in free research of forms BADLY expressed through crochet, DJing, tattoo, gossip, photographs with friends, nail polish, transfeminist fight, and balloon art (when there is the desire and time). Transfeminine and deconstructor at the rhythm of Jersey club and beyond. Kisses to all the beautiful and ugly ones.

We thank Tipografia Alimentare, yyou, and Fightingdiscotinha for their professionalism and for giving us the opportunity to collaborate.


spazioSERRA is pleased to invite you to the launch party of the new exhibition season suMISURA. The title is inspired by the unique characteristics of spazioSERRA, an exhibition space for contemporary art, which presents itself as an architectural element in a measured context built on rules, distances, and relationships. The selected artists have been asked to analyze this place, simultaneously content and container, where the same rules that constitute it are daily emphasized, exploited, deformed, reshaped, and sometimes nullified.


Nicola Rossini's performance Coriandoli inaugurates the 2024 exhibition season of spazioSERRA, suMISURA. The event will also be an opportunity to present the new catalog for the 22-23 exhibition season unpostoIMPOSSIBILE and the sponsors supporting the project. To accompany the evening, there will be wine from our friends at Tipografia Alimentare, appetizers, and DJ sets by yyou and Fightingdiscotinha.

6:30 PM |  Coriandoli performance by Nicola Rossini

8:00 PM | Presentation of the 2024 exhibition season suMISURA and catalog of the 22-23 season unpostoIMPOSSIBILE

8:15 PM - 10:00 PM | Aperitif and DJ sets by yyou and Fightingdiscotinha


In the research of Nicola Rossini, the central themes are the body as an object, as a means of communication, and the translation of the world through mathematics. These themes are approached with ironic and self-ironic language, a tool through which his generation exorcises the world we live in.


Coriandoli is a performance that unfolds over three days, starting from January 18; during the launch event of the suMISURA season, it will be possible to witness the final phase. Rossini creates 1:1 prints of parts of his body and uses a hole-punch machine to turn his image into confetti. Like a doctor, a mechanic, or a craftsman hunched over the worktable, he intervenes on a material (the body, a mechanism, an object) that has lost its functionality and becomes fragile, broken, devoid of identity. The two-dimensional body is mere information, a translation of physicality, and the outermost layer, the skin, is what remains visible and serves as a membrane between the inner and outer worlds. The body is thus a mechanism in relation to the external reality, particularly with the environment. A track created from sounds sampled by Rossini in collaboration with yyou will open the DJ set.

"To divide each of the difficulties under examination into as many parts as possible and necessary to better solve them" is the second rule of the Cartesian method; Rossini shows us that, guided by the idea of breaking down the problem into increasingly smaller parts to understand it better, we begin to break ourselves into pieces as well.

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